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      With 9 clinics located across Toronto & east York,
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      Victoria Family Practice & Walk-In

      1184 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto​
      Dr. Faryal Ashraf ​​
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)​

      O'Connor Family Practice & Walk-In

      941 O’Connor Drive, Toronto ​
      Dr. A. Christodoulou & Dr. Foad Farazi ​
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Markington Family Care & Walk-In

      3227 Eglington Avenue East, Scarborough​
      Dr. A. Tarun
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      DanVic Family Practice & Walk-In

      3102 Danforth Avenue, Toronto​
      Dr. Mubash-Shera Khanam
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Warden Family Practice & Walk-In

      3502 Warden Avenue, Toronto​
      Dr. K. Zaman
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      DanDan Family Practice & Walk-In

      3400 Danforth Avenue, Toronto​

      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Dawes Family Practice & Walk-In

      2772 Danforth Avenue, Toronto​
      Dr. S. Brake
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Beaches Family Practice & Walk-In

      116 Glen Manor Drive, Toronto​
      Dr. D. Desa
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-In

      3891 Don Mills Road, Toronto​
      Dr. A. Zakerzadeh
      (Walk-in & Family Physician)

      Main Health Care Specialized Centre

      3400 Danforth Avenue Unit 6, Toronto​
      Various specialists
      (Specialists by Appointment only)