Virtual Care Appointment Disclaimer

Our physicians have been providing care through video and audio technologies available at the given
time. CHN has been using technologies provided by provincial government or purchasing technological
services by private vendors such as well health virtual care, google etc. This technologies are convenient
for patients as well as physician providing non-urgent episodic care. It is a shared decision making
process between patients and physicians what service care can be provided virtually or by telephone. Our
physicians may ask patient to come to the clinic for in-person clinical assessment or may recommend
patients to go to hospital ER depending on circumstance.
CHN has taken all possible steps to make sure that personal health information exchanged during a
virtual/telephone encounter between patients, physicians and CHN employees is private and secure but IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE ABSOLUTE SECURITY.

Using these audio-video technologies has an increased inherent risk of patient health information be
intercepted that can be disclosed to third parties. We would like to make sure that you:
• you understand that these communication media is not as secure as a private visit to your
• You use a private communication devices (computer, tablet, smart phone and a secure private
internet service) rather than a non-private device and internet services.
• You understand that a virtual visit is not a substitute for in-person visit. You may benefit from
attending an urgent care or emergency service when and where appropriate.
• If you decide that a virtual or telephone consult is not appropriate for you or you are concerned
about using these technologies, please ask our front desk if any physician/certified physician
assistant is accepting walk in at a given time. Please note that seeing a physician in-person would
increased risk of exposure/contact to COVID-19.

By requesting a telephone or virtual appointment and providing your health information through video,
telephone and email communication, YOU AGREE to let CHN employee and physician to collect, use,
send or communicate your personal health information with other health care provider in order to provide
you the appropriate and best possible care at that given circumstances. CHN employee and physician may
use the following means of electronic communication whichever is available and appropriate at that time:
video communications including Well Health Virtual Care platform, Skype, Face time, etc), telephone
conferencing, e-mail and text messaging.